Santa Clara University

Graduating Seniors

Congratulations to those seniors who have completed the requirement!

All others:

Students must complete the Core Pathway requirement before they can graduate. The requirement has two parts: Pathway courses and the Pathway reflection essay. Your degree audit provides information about the Pathway courses you have completed. This message is about the Pathway reflection essay, which is due by 28 January 2013.

Students who expect to graduate in March or June have options in addition to the 28 January 2013 Pathway essay submission deadline:

  • Pathway essay readers are available to read your reflection essays now!
  • Seniors who submit reflection essays and Pathway assignments between now and January 28 will receive results within four weeks of submission.
  • Seniors will be able to submit Pathway reflection essays before completing all four Pathway courses (or three for engineering majors and some transfer students). Get started on your essays!
Seniors who submit essays well before the January 28 Pathway reflection essay submission deadline will be at an advantage. The sooner you submit, the sooner you will have the results. You will not be able to graduate until your Pathway reflection essay earns a Pass.

A few seniors will not have two Pathway assignments to write about until spring quarter. Seniors who will complete their third and/or fourth Pathway course winter or spring quarter will manage the Pathway graduation requirement the way they manage other requirements for the major or Core that are not yet completed, by listing them on the pre-graduation checklist or evaluation sheet for the major. Instead of submitting the Pathway reflection essay before petitioning to graduate,
they will specify on the pre-graduation checklist that they will enroll in their final course(s) winter or spring quarter and submit the reflection essay and assignments from each Pathway course later in winter quarter or during spring quarter.

Pathway reflection essays submitted after January 28 will be evaluated in the order of submission. Not all essays receive a passing grade on the first try. You may be asked to revise and resubmit. Some students have been asked to revise and resubmit more than once.

Whether you will be able to submit before the January 28 deadline or have to wait until you have two Pathway courses to write about in your essay, we urge you to get started:

If you have questions, please contact Garrison Dyer ( or
Jeremy Wang ( in the Drahmann Center (Kenna Hall 101;

Remember: most seniors will submit their Pathway reflection essays
before petitioning to graduate. Upcoming deadlines for the petition
to graduate are:

  • January 25 for students who will graduate in March
  • February 22 for students who will graduate in June
  • April 26 for students who will graduate in September