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School Requirements - Leavey School of Business

All business students, regardless of major, are required to take the following courses in addition to the University Core Curriculum requirements:

Introduction to Business: Two courses: Business Administration 70 (Contemporary American Business) and OMIS 17 (Introduction to Business Computing). Both should normally be completed during the freshman year.

Leadership Competency: Four units spread over the first year. Business Administration 71 (Foundations of Leadership) is a 2-unit module to be taken in the winter quarter of the first year. Business Administration 72 (Business Leadership Skills) is a 2-unit class, which is to be completed in the spring quarter of the first year.

Transfer students entering with 44 units or more must complete the leadership competency requirement with MGMT 174 (Social Psychology of Leadership).

Those students who complete an optional 2-unit course, BUSN 173, will receive a certificate of leadership competency.

Accounting: Two courses in Accounting: ACTG 11 and ACTG 12.

Data Analysis: Two courses: OMIS 40 and 41.

Information Systems:  OMIS 34 (Management Information Systems), best completed by the end of the sophomore year.  OMIS majors or MIS minors may substitute OMIS 30 or OMIS 31 to fulfill this requirement. Accounting or Accounting & Information Systems majors may use ACTG 134 to satisfy this requirement.

Upper Division Courses:

MGMT 160 Organization and Management
MKTG 181 Principles of Marketing
FNCE 121 Financial Management
OMIS 108 Operations Management
MGMT 162 Capstone Course (to be taken during senior year and completed with a grade of C or better.)

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