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World Cultures

PURPOSE: The purpose of this requirement is to provide students an opportunity to examine peoples, nations, and regions outside of Europe, the United States, or any of the cultures largely derived from these regions (e.g., Canada and Australia). In light of the rapid internationalization of contemporary life, informed citizens and responsible leaders must understand social, cultural, political, religious, and philosophical differences that have always marked human existence.

STUDENT OUTCOMES: Students should attain a level of critical and informed familiarity with a non-European civilization so that they can function responsibly as informed citizens with an international perspective. They should be able to think and to write critically about the historical, cultural, literary, or social traditions of this civilization, or, in the case of an international course, about a particular disciplinary perspective on the international system. They should be able to engage both disciplinary and interdisciplinary methodologies in the study of a non-European culture.

COURSES: Two types of courses meet this requirement: Area Studies/ Regional and Global/Thematic.
Area Studies/Regional: These courses have as their primary focus the societies and cultures of nations and/or regions outside of the United States and Europe.

Global/Thematic: These courses take a thematic or theoretical approach to international topics and issues. While not focusing primarily on nations or regions, these courses utilize examples and case studies drawn from societies and cultures outside of the United States and Europe.

ARTS AND SCIENCES majors may fulfill the requirement with two Area Studies/Regional courses or one Area Studies/Regional course and one Global/Thematic course.

BUSINESS majors, in addition to the Global/Thematic International Business course (BUSN 80), must take an Area Studies/Regional course.

ENGINEERING majors must take one Area Studies/Regional course.



3 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
151 Law and Society
156 Anthropology of Muslim Peoples and Practices
180 Study of Selected Cultures
181 Pacific Island Societies
185 Peoples of Latin America
186 Mesoamerican Prehistory
188 Peoples, Culture, and Change in the Middle East
189 North American Prehistory

Art History

152 Pre-Columbian Art: Olmec Aztec
161 Photography in Japan
164 Islamic Art, 600-1350 C.E.


60 Introduction to Ancient Studies


130 Latin American Economic Development
134 African Economic Development


79A Writing About Literature and Culture
79R Writing About Literature and Culture
128 Studies in the Literature of the Middle Eastern & Islamic World
156 Gay and Lesbian Cultural Studies
159 Indian Subcontinental & Diasporic Literature
165 African Literature
166 Pan-African Literature

Environmental Studies

144 Natural History of Baja
146 Agriculture, Environment & Development: Latin America


111 Introduction to French Studies from the Caribbean to Vietnam
112 Francophone Culture and Civilization: Africa and the Caribbean
113 African/Caribbean Women Writers


45 Introduction to African History and Cultures
50 Introduction to East Asian Studies
51 Introduction to Chinese Civilization
52 Introduction to Japanese Civilization
54 Introduction to South Asia
55 Introduction to Southeast Asia
64 Central America
91 Introduction to the History of Africa
92 Introduction to the History of East Asia
93 Introduction to the History of South Asia and the Indian Ocean
95 Introduction to the History of Modern Latin America
97 Introduction to the History of West Asia and the Middle East
102 Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in the 20th Century
107 Ancient Egypt
141 Independent Africa
142 Modern Middle East and North Africa
144 Women in African and Islamic Cultures
146A Medieval & Early Modern Japan
146B Modern Japan
147A Pre-Modern China
147B Modern China
150 Women in East Asia
151 Imperialism in East Asia
153 Phillipines Under Spain
154A Ancient and Classical India
154B State, Religion, and Gender in Medieval and Premodern India
154C Colonial India
155 Women in South Asia
156 Imperialism in South and Southeast Asia
157 Art and Religion of India
159 Special Topics: Asian History
160 Mexico: Colonial and Early National Periods
161 Modern Mexico
162 Argentina
163 Cuba and the Caribbean
164 The Catholic Church in Latin America

International Studies

110 Salvadoran Society
195 Politics in El Salvador and Central America
196 Sociology of Public Communications in El Salvador
198B Salvadoran Literature


22 Music of the Caribbean
26/126 La Musica y Cultura Cubana

Political Science

2 Introduction to Comparative Politics
3 Introduction to World Politics
122 Far Eastern International Relations
136 Politics of Central America & the Caribbean
136A Political Structures & Processes in El Salvador and Central America
137 Politics in Latin America
139 Religion & Politics in the Developing World
142 Politics in the Middle East
146 Politics of African Development
147 Politics in Japan
148 Politics in China

Religious Studies

RSOC 7 South Asian Religions Traditions
RSOC 10 Asian Religious Traditions
RSOC 19 Religion & Culture: Egypt
RSOC 33 Maya Spirituality
RSOC 38 Religion & Culture: Africa
RSOC 46 African Religions
RSOC 81 Islam
RSOC 82 Shia Islam
RSOC 85 Hinduism
RSOC 86 Buddhism
RSOC 88 Chinese Religions
RSOC 115 Tibetan Buddhism: A Cultural History
RSOC 130 East Asian Buddhism
RSOC 136 Religion in Latin America
RSOC 154 Islamic Jesus
RSOC 185 Gender in Asian Religions
RSOC 191 Religions of Colonized People
TESP 60 Hispanic Popular Religion
TESP 109 Hispanic Spirituality: Guadalupe


135 Women and Social Change in Latin America


112 Mexican Culture
113 The Revolution in Mexican Culture
130 Survey of Latin American Literature I
131 Survey of Latin American Literature II
133 Mexican American Literature
135 Colloquium: Latin American Literature & Culture
136 Contemporary Latin American Short Story
137 Latin American Cultures & Civilizations
140 Modern Latin American Literature I
141 Modern Latin American Literature II
145 Mid-20th-Century Latin American Literature
146 Contemporary Latin American Literature
147 Cinema and the Novel in Contemporary Latin America
148 20th-Century Latin American Women Writers in Translation



50 World Geography
140 Food, Culture, and the Environment
147 Archaeology of Complex Societies
154 Environmental Anthropology
155 Conflict Resolution
158 Applied Anthropology
159 Critiquing Cultural Development
172 The Anthropology of Aging


139A Comparative Analysis of Film Systems
181A Global Media Industries


3 International Economics, Development & Growth
129 Economic Development
135 Gender Issues in the Developing World
137 World Economic History
181 International Trade
182 International Finance & Open Economy Macroeconomics


79W Writing about Literature & Culture
157 Postcolonial & Commonwealth Literature & Theory

Environmental Studies

50 World Geography
147 International Environment & Development


4 World Geography Until 1492
5 World Geography After 1492
105 Modern World History
138 The Second World War
143 Women in Political Revolutions
145 Islam in the Modern World (until fall 2009 was 158)
148 United States-Japan Relations


80 Global & Cultural Environment of Business


178 Marketing Across Cultures

Political Science

25 Introduction to International Relations
50 World Geography
121 International Political Economy
126 International Organization
140 Politics in Less Developed Countries


162 Cross Cultural Psychology

Religious Studies

RSOC 182 Shia Islam in the Contemporary World
RSOC 190 Islam: Reformation & Modernity


133 Politics and Society in Third World Countries
134 Globalization and Inequality
138 Populations of India, China and the US

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