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Social Science

PURPOSE: The purpose of this requirement is to prepare students to assume leadership roles in society by introducing them to knowledge and methodologies characteristic of the social science disciplines. These courses will expose students to those disciplines that combine theoretical considerations with empirical observations of society. Such perspectives are essential for leaders who will work in diverse groups and analyze complicated policy issues.

STUDENT OUTCOMES: Students will be able to think and write critically about explanations of human behavior, cognitive processes, or cultures that are represented in one of the social sciences. They will demonstrate an ability to apply that discipline to contemporary social problems in different communities and global societies. Finally, they will attain an appreciation of the different methodological approaches in the social science disciplines.

COURSE: All students must take at least one course in social science to increase their understanding of human behavior and the methods of inquiry characteristic of the social sciences. Specific introductory courses that meet the requirements are offered in anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

BUSINESS students, because of their field of interest, are specifically required to take Economics 11: Prices and Markets. They are also required to supplement this requirement by taking a second and a third course in the introductory economics series, Economics 12 and 13.

ENGINEERING and ARTS AND SCIENCES students must select one course from the following list.


2 Introduction to Archaeology
3 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
4 Vanished Peoples and Lost Civilizations


1 Principles of Microeconomics
2 Principles of Macroeconomics
3 International Economics, Development, and Growth

Political Science

1 Introduction to U.S. Politics
2 Introduction to Comparative Politics
3 Introduction to World Politics
25 Introduction to International Relations


1 General Psychology I
2 General Psychology II


1 Principles of Sociology
33 Social Problems in the United States

The quarterly Schedule of Classes provides a comprehensive list of those courses offered in a particular quarter that meet this requirement.

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