Santa Clara University

HUB Writing Center

About the HUB

“To Celebrate and Support SCU Writers and Writing.”

The HUB Writing Center takes these words seriously. In doing so, we have created a place that celebrates learning and supports all writers. We know how valuable and empowering writing can be, so we want to help SCU's writers find ways to express their ideas through effective writing and are happy to help anyone along that path.

What can the HUB do for you?

Trained HUB writing partners can help you to understand what assignments require, to determine what you want to say and how to say it, and how you might revise the final project to make it better than you thought possible. No matter the writing challenge, we are here to help you become a better writer -- one paper at a time.

The HUB provides

Support for Students through drop-in sessions for writers at all stages of the writing process

Enrichment Opportunities by mentoring writing partners through independent studies courses, research projects, opportunities to serve as “Hired Pens,” and attendance at conferences

Recognition for Exemplary Writing by sponsoring awards at SCU

Support for Faculty by co-sponsoring workshops on assignment design and integrating effective writing assignments within curricula

Support for Staff by co-sponsoring workshops on public speaking and writing in professional contexts and providing trained “Hired Pens” who can assist SCU departments by editing or composing written texts

Community Service by co-sponsoring off campus projects designed to foster excellent writing and social justice in literary contexts

Santa Clara University | HUB Writing Center
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