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Writing for courses

HUB writing partners are happy to help writers who are composing for any course. You need not wait to come in with assignments for just English or writing classes. We can help you with writing you prepare for any of your SCU courses!

Writing for Pathways

A strong Pathway Reflection Essay begins when you select your Pathway. Hence, when you make that decision, think about what you hope to explore and gain from the Pathway experience and enter into it with curiosity and a passion for learning. Such intentional selection can get you started on your essay even before you write it; however, once you are ready to write, you can turn to HUB writing partners for assistance. Come in even before you start writing so you can brainstorm about ideas and how to approach the prompt. Then continue to come in throughout the writing process in order to make your essay as strong as possible before you submit it for evaluation. Writing partners can help you along the way so you submit a piece that truly reflects your individual learning and experience within a Pathway.

Writing for applications

The HUB can help you with writing you need to do outside of an academic setting. Writing partners can help you to write cover letters for job applications, refine your résumé, and develop a dossier that can help you to showcase your qualities. For additional information related to cover letters, résumés, personal branding, and effective LinkedIn profiles, check out the resources from SCU's Career Center.

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