Santa Clara University

HUB Writing Center

Applying to the HUB

All applicants must complete English 191A (Practicum for Writing Tutors) with a grade of B or higher before applying to the HUB. (English 191A will typically be offered once per academic year during spring term.) Ideally applicants will take English 191A at the end of their freshman year, during their sophomore year, or at the start of their junior year; completion of the pre-requisite course does not guarantee employment as the application process is competitive.

Submit completed application to Denise Krane, the HUB Director, and include the following:
  • A letter of interest in which you explain why you want to become a HUB Writing Partner and what particular skills, interests, and experiences you have that will allow you to contribute to the HUB's mission of supporting and celebrating SCU writers and writing
  • The e-Portfolio you will have completed in English 191A
  • A letter of recommendation written by a previous instructor or employer who can attest to your ability to work well with others, your conscientiousness, creativity, and/or any other information that supports your application

All majors are encouraged to apply. Writing partners need not be English majors. They just need to value the writing process, be effective, patient communicators, and be passionate about helping writers.

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