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Why go to a Reunion When You’ve Got Facebook?

Friday, May. 18, 2012

The fervor over today’s IPO of Facebook stock is just the latest indication of the social media platform’s influence. While the company is currently valued at $104 billion, the ability to connect and network with family, friends, and colleagues via this medium is priceless to many. Facebook makes it easy to know what people are up to, whether they have expressly told you or not; you get to peek (and sometimes even stare) into your Facebook friends' lives in a way that you could not just a few years ago.

Being privy to the minutiae of your Facebook friends’ lives has led some to believe that reunions are no longer relevant. They ask, “Why spend the time travelling back to campus to talk to John when I know what he eats for dinner every night via his Instagram photos? What’s the point in going to my reunion party when I already know that Sally’s little boy potty trained himself, Sue dominates every Words with Friends game she plays, and Beth is obsessed with pinning cute pictures of dogs on Pinterest?”

While such skepticism is understandable, it misses a couple of important points: First, contrary to how it may seem, not everyone is on Facebook. Second, as great as it is to interact with people from the comfort of your home or using your smartphone, there truly is no substitute for seeing the smiles or hearing the laughter of your classmates in person. Finally, the best part about coming to a reunion is the fact that you get to reconnect with classmates and friends back where it all began, on the campus that was the site of four of the most memorable years of your life. You can spend time sharing the memories that bind you all together while making new ones to add to the collection. You can step outside of the safe space of your core group of friends and catch up with other classmates who have lived interesting lives in the years since graduation. You’ll be surprised to find out who remembers you.

So return to campus for Grand Reunion, which offers the chance to reunite not only with friends and classmates, but also your alma mater that has managed to change over the years while staying the same at its core. Come see what’s new and leave with some memories and photos you can share on Facebook.

It is important to note that many of the reunion classes do, in fact, have Facebook groups or pages; classmates have gathered there to share photos and memories, receive important information about the weekend, and most importantly, get excited about the reunion! If you are celebrating a milestone this year, check your class website to see if a group or page exists for your class, and if one doesn’t, perhaps you’ll be inspired to create one (Make sure to let the Alumni Office know if you do!).

Go Broncos!

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