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Friday, Jun. 29, 2012

If you have attended Santa Clara’s Graduation Picnic over the past few years, you’ll recognize the title of this post as the iconic song that traditionally closes out this joyous event. As The Crocodiles belt out this catchy tune, a sea of revelers mostly made up of newly minted Santa Clara alumni throw up their hands, kick up their heels, and shout in celebration. It is truly a sight to see and a wonderful end to a day on campus that marks the beginning of the adult lives of these alumni.

This year’s Graduation Picnic was no different, and yet it still was unique: Faced with the challenge of adapting this long-standing event to accommodate the turf that was installed in Bellomy Field this past school year, the Alumni Office rose to the occasion of making sure that the Class of 2012 and their families would be able to rejoice in their special moment just as alumni before them had been able to do for the past 30+ years of the picnic’s existence. With extensive planning, creative configuration of the event setup, and the procurement of miles of turf covering, we were able to welcome a steady stream of more than 6000 graduates and guests through the gates of the Graduation Picnic. After sitting through countless speeches and what seemed like eons waiting for all of the graduates’ names to be called (and in the blazing hot sun, no less), everyone wanted nothing more than to get the party started.  And they most certainly did.

As the band struck up those familiar first notes and the lead singer’s “Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh” reached the far corners of Bellomy Field, this siren call drew a huge, cheering crowd to the front of the stage. It was time to let loose! After all of the stress leading up to this day – Completing final papers and exams, moving out of dorms/houses, wrangling family members, making sure to get to the ceremony on time – this was what they were waiting for: Friends formed circles and danced, grads twirled their parents, younger siblings jumped up and down in excitement. Everyone was engulfed in the moment and it was beautiful.

The Alumni Office extends its most sincere congratulations to the class of 2012! We feel proud to have played a role in making sure your graduation day was special and we look forward to welcoming you back in the fall for your 0-Year Reunion, along with thousands of other members of the alumni family celebrating various milestones. After seeing how 2012 can party, we know that Grand Reunion won’t be the same without you…see you there!

Go Broncos! 

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