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Grand Reunion Weekend Spotlight: Enrollment Management Session

Friday, Sep. 7, 2012

When Santa Clara alumni learn of the stiff competition that students face in their quest for acceptance into this fine institution, not to mention the academic caliber of the students admitted into their alma mater in recent years, the common refrain is “There’s no way I would get in today!” Of course, they say it jokingly, but the fact that this sentiment is shared by alumni representing a wide range of decades speaks to the ever-changing nature of the college admission process. It seems as though each year brings with it some new test, essay question, or other evaluative measure for students to contend with. And for those of you who are parents supporting your children through the process, you may feel unprepared to help them navigate the college application gauntlet.

We are happy to offer a session during Grand Reunion that can help make things easier for you: Mike Sexton, Vice President for Enrollment Management, will conduct a presentation designed to leave you well-informed and feeling confident about your family’s ability to come out of it (relatively) unscathed. The session will begin with a tour of the new Admission and Enrollment Management building, a one-stop-shop for students housing Undergraduate Admission, Financial Aid and the Registrar’s Office that was completed just a couple of months ago. With its beautiful lobby that is sure to inspire your pride in Santa Clara’s history and its tradition of Jesuit education in Silicon Valley, this building warmly welcomes visitors to the university and sets the tone for the rest of their time on campus. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insight into the college admissions process; we hope to see you there!

On another note, the early bird deadline for the class reunion dinners is Tuesday, September 11 at 11:59 PM; please RSVP before then to take advantage of reduced pricing for this special event. Once it hits midnight, you’re out of luck, so don’t delay!

Go Broncos!

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