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 Trevor Romele

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013

Hi, my name is Trevor Romele and I am a sophomore. Here is a little background on me. Currently, I am a sophomore undeclared business major, but I’m thinking about declaring finance. I am from Felton, California, which is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I got involved in Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative by receiving the marketing internship at the Center for Employment Training. I heard about this opportunity through Jessica Sullivan, who has been involved in NPI for over a year now.  When I saw the description of this internship, I knew it was perfect for me because I have always wanted to work at a non-profit and feel as if I was helping to change people’s lives for the better.

Center for Employment Training is a non-profit that is located in San Jose. CET is trade school for low-income people and offers certificates in various fields, such as teaching, nursing, and automotive.  I have had previous experience working with non-profits throughout high school such as: homeless shelters, senior centers, and many other outreach programs that help the people in the community.  I know there is still much more I can learn from working with CET; for example, day-to-day activities and operations non-profit organizations need to follow.

I have only worked a few days at CET, however CET has such a small staff, I have been able to meet everyone and feel very welcomed there already.  It also has allowed me to work closely with Kate Manley, who is the Director of Industrial Relations at CET. On my first day there, Kate and I were able to sit down and discuss the things we wanted to accomplish while working together. During my few days at CET, I have had the opportunity to help both current and past students update their resumes, and help them find jobs. Overall, our main goal is to arrange a career fair for the current and past students of CET. We want it to take place at CET campus and have enough companies agree to come, in order to attract more students.


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