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 Billy Bouzos

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013

My name is Billy Bouzos, and I have been involved with NPI since its inception. The current role that I serve with the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative is that of Marketing Intern for Catering with a Cause.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Catering with a Cause, it is a for-profit business whose proceeds all serve to support the Center for Employment Training, or CET, in San Jose. And just to tie up all loose ends here, CET is a non-profit organization that offers one of the most successful job training programs in the country, both in terms of graduate salaries and graduate placement.

I work at Catering with a Cause six to ten hours a week, and my main responsibilities consist of designing and implementing ads and flyers, as well as corresponding with potential clients. I also on occasion, when my schedule allows it, join the catering team at offsite catering gigs, providing whatever help I can. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Catering with a Cause so far. I’ve learned a lot about the catering business as well as business in general, and have done so while genuinely having fun. The fact that I love food is also a plus.

I think what I find especially rewarding about my time at Catering with a Cause and CET is that while I’m learning how to build a business, I’m also helping to support a worthy cause. It’s allowed me to realize that one can still make a living while working within a non-profit or a charity and supporting something meaningful. For me, that’s quite a revitalizing insight. I look forward to these next 18 weeks, and I’ll be sure to post any further updates as they come along!

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