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 Trevor Romele

Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2013

When starting my internship at the Center for Employment Training (CET), the primary project I was going to be working on was the organization of a career fair for the CET students and local community.  The first step of the preparation was making flyers so that we could send them to past students and hang some throughout the school and community.  The other step was contacting hundreds of employers via email and phone to offer them an invitation to attend.  There was enough room to host 30 employees, so it was our goal to get 30 confirmations.  This was not an easy task.  Emails were sent out to roughly 300 employers, and I personally called hundreds of different employers as well.  In the end, we reached our goal of 30 employer confirmations.

On the day of the career fair, there were many things that needed to be done before employer registration started at 12:30pm.  Some of these things were: making copies, hanging signs, creating a visual outline of where all companies would be located to give to the students, managing eight volunteers, and making sure everything else was in place.  The career fair was set to start at 1:00, but at this time, there were six employers missing.  Due to this, we had to delay the start by a few minutes.  In the end, only three employers did not show up, which was unfortunate, but there was no way to avoid this from happening.

Overall, the career fair was successful.  There were a few students that got hired by different companies, and others that were able to set up interviews, which was the purpose of the career fair.  Working at CET has been a great experience for me.  The career fair was just one of many things I was able to accomplish throughout the quarter, which has allowed me to learn things that cannot be taught in a classroom.  More importantly, working at CET has given me the opportunity to help individuals positively change their lives. 

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