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 Zachary Morris

Monday, May. 20, 2013

This last quarter has seen a lot of progress in my work with NPI.  I have continued my work at Yolanda's where I am inventorying her products.  The work has taken a lot of hours and manual work, but we believe that our work will significantly help Yolanda in the long run.  Not only will it help this small business better understand their business, but it will also greatly help with understanding costs, which is a crucial component to small businesses.

While working with Yolanda, we have had the opportunity to talk to her about her life and her experiences in the grocery business.  Many times she tells us that she knows that she needs to do the work in which we are helping her with but can't because she is usually the only one in the store and can't afford hiring someone else. Yet, she insists on giving us something for our hard work.  We say that we don't need anything and reassure her that our work will hopefully give her the funds to hire someone else and take the vacation she so dearly deserves.

With the quarter winding down, we hope to completely finish the inventorying of her store.  It looks promising.  Additionally, we plan on creating a simple manual that describes how to add different products and update her costs when she purchases something.  She is very excited for the results of our work, and we hope that our work has the impact that we have envisioned.

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