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 Sean Roe

Tuesday, May. 28, 2013

NPI is in full swing over at Yolanda's Market on the corner of Vine and Humboldt in San Jose. My work with Zach Morris and Yolanda started last quarter when I was first introduced to Yolanda. Although NPI is self-directed for me this quarter, I participated in a classroom environment last quarter. Our class felt differently on how we could help Yolanda and her business best. My focus was on inventory and financials, while other students focused on marketing.

That being said, I've made a promise to Yolanda and to myself to continue my work with her until it's all finished. Lately, Zach and I have been focusing on inventory, mainly improving her existing system and giving her the jumpstart she needs towards getting her business back on track. It's been a difficult quarter, but I personally have climbed over the language barrier and been able to successfully communicate with Yolanda in her native tongue, Spanish. We've been very happy to see progress being made.

Last week was a huge milestone for NPI, since we've successfully implemented a new labeling system that is feasible and economic for Yolanda to use. Seeing her eyes light up when she saw that she was able to produce a beautiful label for her shelves so easily was a joy for us all at NPI. We're all incredibly excited to see what else Yolanda has in store for the continuing inventory project. I know I'll be sad to say goodbye to graduating senior partner, Zach Morris, and I'll be looking for another NPI partner this summer!

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