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 Jonathan Phan

Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013

Hi everyone!  Hope you all are having a great start to the school year.  My name is Jonathan Phan, and I am a Junior Finance major here at SCU.  I was born and raised in San Jose and love the bay area.  It’s been just three weeks into the quarter, but it’s pretty clear how excited this new “NPI 3.0” team is to begin our work assisting the Washington neighborhood in any way we can.  It’s great to see the excitement in all of our faces, and I can tell that we are all looking forward to the work that we will be doing this upcoming quarter (and possible further in the future).   So far, we have been getting to know the neighborhood as well as learning about what the past two teams have done up until now.  I think that it’s great to have new students join the team, as it is very beneficial to get a fresh perspective in order to build on what’s been done. 

We got to meet Yolanda on the first Saturday of the quarter, and she seems very willing to accept any help or advice that we have to offer.  We are all very eager to help her with her business, but we also understand that this is her life and we can’t get too far ahead of ourselves.  With that said, hopefully we can all come out of this with a positive experience and learn some useful things from each other.  There is an endless list of things we would like to do to help Yolanda and the Washington neighborhood, but we realize that we only have a quarter to get things done.  We’re planning to narrow our goals down a bit in order to have a more manageable “to-do” list, which basically boils down to improving the marketing and outreach of Yolanda’s market as well as mapping the businesses in the Washington neighborhood to get a better picture of the surrounding business community.

Lastly, we also got to visit Washington Elementary School.  We were all extremely impressed by the school’s staff and how invested they are in the students.  We visited on a Saturday morning, and the library was full of young students reading books with their moms.  It is awesome to see how much time and effort people are willing to put forth to attain a better future for their kids. We’re definitely looking forward to visiting again soon!  

Thanks for reading, and have a nice rest of the week!

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