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 Keenan Roberts

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013

Hi readers! Halloween is over and it is time to get back into the “real” world where goblins and ghouls do not roam the streets nor sit beside you in your Economics class. That means more NPI! My name is Keenan Roberts and I am a junior Finance and Economics double major from the not-so-sunny Seattle Washington. Over the past few weeks all of us in NPI 3.0 have been working hard to collect data on the businesses of Washington neighborhood. Tomorrow we expect to have a very completed database from which to work with over the coming months.

But that should be “old news” to those who have been following NPI over the past few weeks which begs the question: “is there anything new happening in NPI?” Alas, there is! NPI is moving forward in other areas. Firstly, we are restarting our work with Yolanda’s market. We have split our class into two distinct teams. Team one will work hard to create a market analysis for Yolanda’s market with an aim to streamline the business and make it more competitive in the local business community. Team two will work to enhance her marketing by finishing a store website and improving her online presence. We believe that by the end of the quarter all of our improvements can help to improve Yolanda’s business in a sustainable manner. 

The second direction the class is moving in is toward an actual “mapping” of the Washington Neighborhood. Again we have split the class into two separate teams. Team one is working on a normal 2D map with the aim of placing “flags” that indicate at a glance what type industry each business is in. Team two, my pride and joy, is working on updating our large wall map of First Street that we house in the business school. I happen to be team leader of this particular group. We are attempting to enhance the map that was so wonderfully created by NPI 1.0 We have not yet decided every change that we will be making but the changes of note so far are: make the road black instead of blue, remove an area of the street that is mostly residential, use the new space to expand the map and make it more legible, and create a line that shows how certain businesses have changed since the time the original map was created. 

This class has been a wonderful experience for all of us involved. We have worked hard and cannot wait to show you what we have accomplished by the end of the quarter. I also expect that any of you readers who have time will come by Lucas 115 and check out our new Wall Map!

Thanks for reading and supporting NPI!
Keenan Roberts
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