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 Andy Yang

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013

Hope you guys are excited for an up to date recap of what is going on with NPI this past week! As many of you know (or are counting down the days), Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it should be a given that we see what the Washington district is up to before the holidays! The goal of our NPI program is not only to document the businesses in Washington district, but also to spread some love to the much-loved Yolanda! Therefore, as a holiday gift to her, it is my plan to document a form of market research analysis in which she can better understand the scope of her business.

As the team leader for market research, I have spent my time looking at what type of competitors Yolanda’s faces as well as a side-by-side comparison of the products all the businesses are selling. I really want this market report to actually help Yolanda move forward with her store, hopefully into a profitable business that Yolanda can sincerely rely on. What I did was take apart the menus of neighboring restaurants that offer similar Mexican products, and analyze the net difference in order to see if Yolanda’s is competitive within the market. In addition, various vendors that offer goods are also included, as there is a small overlap in the items they both distribute, so I felt it was necessary to include as many sample businesses as possible. Eventually, it is my goal to be able to present a very clean and professional copy of the market research to Yolanda. This final copy will be documented on Microsoft Excel, with multiple spreadsheets displaying competitor information as well as market details. Side by side comparisons as well as graphs will be included to further aid Yolanda in her business.

In these last two weeks before Thanksgiving, my team members and I will be visiting the Washington area very frequently in order to acquire as much data on neighboring businesses as possible. Our goal is to present the final draft to Yolanda herself at the Santa Clara NPI Thanksgiving dinner. Not only will this be a prosperous time to look back at the joys and wonders of this year, but as well as reflect on the potential needs for the upcoming year. As usual, all of us NPIers are especially looking forward towards the meal that Yolanda will be cooking! I personally loved the food I got to eat when I first met Yolanda. The love and care put into the food is really special, because we leave every time with our stomachs full from Yolandas! 

The other great aspect of having this Thanksgiving feast is to also provide Yolanda with the necessary thanks for her willingness to work with our team. The money that she will receive from us will most likely fully compensate her for the entire meal. This is a great bonus, as many times, Yolanda will give enormous discounts to her customers due to her understanding that everyone is struggling to make ends meet. Our contribution as a group will hopefully allow Yolanda to transition into a period of prosperity. This is all I have to update you guys on this week! NPI 3.0 is alive and well thanks to all of the amazing students here at SCU! Make sure you look out for next week’s blog!

Andy Yang
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