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 Sean Roe

Monday, Nov. 25, 2013

Hello All!

NPI is in a exciting stage with its outreach. I am particularly excited to provide an update on Yolanda's Market. Recently, NPI at Santa Clara got involved with Wells Fargo's Small Business Renovation Program, a new program that Wells Fargo has introduced to specifically target small businesses that are struggling and are located in the Washington-Alma neighborhood of San Jose. Up to ten recipients (winners) will be awarded $3,000 to use solely for the interior and exterior renovation of their business. This will be done with the help of CET and a new installment of NPI students next quarter. Finalists in the Wells Fargo project are notified in mid-December. 
This project is particularly unique to me because of my continued work with Yolanda and her market over the past year. Yolanda could greatly benefit from this stimulus and I am confident that with the help of Santa Clara students and CET workers, we can turn this potential $3,000 into major change at the corner of Humboldt and Vine. Yolanda and I completed the application for the grant together in early November. We wrote the application essay in Spanish so there was less lost in translation of what she wanted to share with the judges about her personal successes and hardships. Attached to the application were some photos of her business that you can see below!
Yolanda is incredibly proud of her vocation and has a passion for small business. Although times have been tough in the recent past, Yolanda is optimistic that everything will work out. We are all excited to find out the results of the Wells Fargo Small Business Renovation program and we too are optimistic that Yolanda will be one the winners! Stay tuned for the results- we are expecting them in three weeks. 
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