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 Sean Roe

Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014

A new quarter of NPI has brought many new exciting opportunities! Over the last year or so, my focuses within NPI have shifted but the purpose has never changed. The third installment of NPI (NPI 3.1) is beginning work with their recent partnership with the Wells Fargo Small Business Renovation Program. Five businesses were selected in the greater downtown area of San Jose for a $3,000 renovation grant. Students from NPI will be partnering with the Center for Employment Training (CET) for the construction and implementation portion of the project. Currently, we have teams of three heading each project. My team in particular will be working with Yolanda's Market, a business I am very familiar with and eager to continue work with.

In addition to NPI 3.1, I am also a part of a select group of of NPI Fellows serving different roles around the community. I am working in the office of Sam Liccardo, Councilman of District 3, City of San Jose. With a hope to enact some change in the economic development department, I'm really getting a good perspective of how city government plays a role in helping those who are marginalized. My duties are diverse and ever-changing. I'm anxious to see what else I can learn in my intern role at the city. For now, the view from the 18th floor of city hall is impressive!

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