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 Adriana Sarocco

Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014

The past few weeks with CET center have been very exciting. I spent a large amount of my time working with the industrial relations department, alongside Kate and Allison. It is absolutely amazing to me how much those two women get done. They have thousands of students to keep track of, most of which don't have emails, and in some cases don't even have working phones, yet they manage to get everything done. Just from working with them for only a few weeks, I can already tell how passionate they are about helping all of their students find jobs and be successful. It is truly inspiring to see them take on so much work and still have such dedication to each student. I hope that I proved to be useful in helping them tackle all of the work order forms they needed to fill out for funding! 

The past 2 weeks I have been working for Adam in the marketing department. I find the marketing department a lot more relaxed than the industrial relations department! It has been really interesting working with Adam because this field is something that I am more interested in professionally. We have been analyzing the data from their Facebook page to see where we can make improvements. I actually got the chance to create a formal report for them! Doing Market Analysis is surprisingly really fun because it's cool to see the trends and then try to find room for improvement and ways to capitalize on strengths. Apparently the culinary department has been having trouble recently, so I think the next step we are trying to take is creating a video to inform people about the program. I think that this will be a really great way to attract students, and a fun thing for the current culinary students to be a part of. Its especially nice because I have access to the SCU media department equipment which will be really helpful in helping the center save money for film equipment and etc. I'm excited to see how it turns out. 

Adriana Sarocco - CET

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