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 Gonzalo Salguero

Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014

Since I started working with NPI at Washington Elementary I have learned a lot about Washington Elementary, its student, and their great programs. Washington Elementary has a fantastic staff lead by Principal Mrs. Evans and there is also great involvement from parents. For instance the Madre A Madre club is a large group of mothers that are actively engaged in their children's education doing all they can to better the school as well as provide enrichment programs for the parents who seek guidance or further education and engagement.  

At Washington Elementary I work along side volunteer Brian O'halloran with mainly the boys Adelante Club. It is great to see the club always receiving big turnout of 4th and 5th grade students who are eager to participate and learn more outside out of the classroom. So far we have been working on the pilots club, a computer coding program, and have some workshops for financial literacy in the works. It is fascinating to see elementary school kids interested in so many different topics and to see how technology has been integrated as a tools for these intelligent children. 

I really value this experience and look forward to continue working with Washington Elementary School to assist in any way possible. The opportunities that NPI provides Santa Clara University students must be taken advantage of, it is a great way to share with the community what SCU teaches its students. I have also met amazing people like Brian O'halloran that allow me to create a network of resources that can assist me in the future. 

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