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 Meaghan Hardy

Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

Thus far, my involvement with the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative has been very fun and engaging!  I am working on the Small Business Improvement Project in collaboration with the Center for Employment Training and Wells Fargo. 

Towards the beginning of the quarter, I went to the Center for Employment Training in San Jose and had the pleasure of getting to know some students.  I returned to SCU very inspired.  The students in the program were so intrinsically motivated to excel and succeed in their chosen trades.  They were working extremely hard in the shop on a warm, sunny Friday afternoon to master construction and carpentry skills.  I am eager to see how they collaborate with my team to renovate the visual design of Romero’s Cakes in San Jose.  

Speaking of Romero’s Cakes, I am currently working with two other SCU students to create a business plan for this small family business.  Last week, we met with Yacanex, a business consultant from Wells Fargo, who introduced us to some of Romero’s family employees.  We toured around the shop, and created a list of goals we have to help create a sound business plan to boost sales and its brand recognition in the community.  On this trip, I realized the language barrier will definitely be a challenge for me, since I do not speak very good Spanish, but I will try my best!  In the meantime, my business consulting team is working to create an ongoing dialogue with Romero to collectively innovate a new business improvement plan.  We will have an executive summary, body, recommendations, and implementation plan drafted by next week.  

I am certain our hard work towards this initiative will make a direct impact on the lives of Romero and his family, as well as the surrounding community.  Until next time. 

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