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 Peter Thai

Thursday, Mar. 6, 2014

Since I began working with NPI at Center for Employment Training (CET), I have learned how passionate the employees are and the many programs CET has to offer. For my department, Industrial Relations, I also realize how interactive and familiar the students are with my supervisors. Because they have done many things in order to prepare these students for success in their endeavors, I am awed by the many wonderful relationships formed between them and the students.

At CET, my supervisors are Kate Manley and Allison Knapel.  Both Kate and Allison have honestly inspired me each week when working with them. Learning why they chose a profession in the non-profit field, it was touching and admirable for their reasons and even more motivating through their work ethics. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the employees here at CET and even more to have worked one on one closely with a student.

As I work on setting up a career fair for these students, I hope that these students may find something they can enjoy and begin their career. Thus far I appreciate having the exposure in an environment where employees selflessly give back and work towards a mutual goal. I truly believe that the opportunity NPI offers is invaluable and that students should take advantage of this experience where they can not only share what they have learned at SCU with the community but also learn from the employees who bear different values and perspectives while sharing a common goal of constantly giving back to our community.

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