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 Anthony Quiroz

Friday, Mar. 7, 2014

Two weeks ago my NPI team had the pleasure of meeting with Yacanex Posadas, Wells Fargo small business consultant, and Mrs. Romero of Romero’s Cakes. Mrs. Romero runs the shop when her husband, and baker of Romero’s Cakes, is out of the bakery. Together, the couple has been running the shop for over 20 years, but for the past few years, the business has been struggling in sales. I am both excited and nervous to be working with Romero’s family business. The team that has been assembled, including people from NPI, Wells Fargo, and CET, is the perfect opportunity to help improve sales at Romero’s Cakes shop and bring in the business it deserves.  

After the first meeting with my team, we were very excited to get started on ways to improve the cake shop. The project looks like its going to be a little bit bigger than we excepted, but we are up for it, and, most importantly, we want to help out the family business. The first few of things my team has noticed are the out of date POS system, the lack of product pricing, and the need for a business plan. Other things that could be improved upon are an online presence, improved business signs, and some marketing.

Moving forward with this project, we hope to meet with Yacanex and Mr. Romero to get a sense of what Mr. Romero wants to see changed and how we can make that happen. We are currently working on a business strategy and plan for the cake shop that will help increase sales and will give structure to the business in the long run. One of big issues that Yacanex mentioned was the lack of sales, which have been affecting the business. The pastries are delicious and changing the image of the business is hopefully going to attract new customers and show them what they are missing out on. Our plan is to make the shop an attractive place where people want to get all their birthday cakes from and stop by for a pastry when they are craving a little bit of sugar.

I believe that my team is going to be able to make a difference in the family business once we are finished with this project. This is a unique experience that is going to require everything I have learned as an Economics major in order to really improve Romero’s cakes. The family seems very excited to get some help and are passionate about selling their delicious pastries for the community to enjoy. We are very excited about moving forward and making Romero’s cakes shop the place to go.

Hope to see you all there soon enjoying some pastries!

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