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 Trevor Romele

Friday, Mar. 7, 2014

I have been involved with NPI for over a year now.  My initial involvement was with the Center for Employment Training (CET).  I worked with the Industrial Relations department as a marketing intern for a total of eight months.  During this internship, I also took part in an NPI think tank with a few other students; we met throughout the quarter and focused on ways to improve our presence and impact in the Washington Neighborhood.  This was an amazing experience and opportunity to get involved in the community and make a difference. 

After my internship and the NPI think tank were over, I was eager to find another way to stay involved with NPI and the Washington Neighborhood.  When I heard about Business 198 class, I had to enroll in it.  Santa Clara paired up with Wells Fargo to help small, family run businesses that are struggling.  Wells Fargo is donating $3,000 to each company to add physical improvements, and students, like myself, are helping to create a business plan and hopefully turn the company around.

My two group members and I were assigned La Mejor Taqueria.  When we first visited this Taqueria, I was shocked and overwhelmed at how many things needed to be done.  However, when we began mapping everything out, we went from being overwhelmed to being excited because we knew that there was a ton of room for improvement.  It was shocking to see that the owners did not keep track of anything, sales, inventory, costs, etc.  We are currently in the process of helping turn this business around and I am hopeful that our suggestions and contributions to La Mejor Taqueria will be effective.

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