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 Sebastian Custodia

Thursday, Mar. 13, 2014

On Friday, March 14th the NPI group will meet with the group of students from the Center for Employment Training (CET) for the second time this quarter. The first meeting between our two groups was held at CET’s San Jose location, and we are excited to host them at SCU this time around. Each NPI team will partner with a team from CET and discuss the physical improvements we plan to make. After tomorrow, CET will be responsible for all physical enhancements, and NPI will focus solely on the business model and business plan.

My team is working with El Nuevo Rancho Grande, a western apparel store in San Jose. We have met twice with the owners, Blanca and Javier (a husband and wife team), and have all the necessary information needed to build a solid business plan. We have gotten to know them fairly well, and have a great understanding about their vision for the store. Not only will we provide them with a finished business plan, but we also hope to build them a website and Facebook page to bolster marketing efforts. Lastly, we hope to show them the benefits of a formal POS and inventory tracking system, with the optimism that they will invest in one in the future.

Blanca and Javier are extremely nice people who have been open to our help since day one. My team’s goal is to leave them with a solid framework for continued improvement and sustained success moving forward. With the combined efforts of ourselves, our classmates, Yacanex, and CET, we are confident that we will attain this goal; not only for El Nuevo Rancho Grande, but for all businesses involved.

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