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 Hailey Bazlen

Thursday, Mar. 13, 2014

How rare is it to find a job that challenges you as an individual, excites you about all of its possibilities, and helps you to think in original ways? I have found that rare type of job through my fellowship with the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative. I am the Marketing and Communications Intern at Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN). Specifically within SVCN, I work with a program called HandsOn Tech Silicon Valley, with a passionate and talented team of coworkers. HandsOn Tech strives to provide bay area nonprofits with free or low cost technology consultation, because the more efficient a nonprofit is with technology, the more time they have to work towards their cause!

When I first joined SVCN and HandsOn Tech, I was both nervous and excited about how much independence and responsibility was given to me. I am currently in charge of both SVCN and HandsOn Tech's social media sites. I have developed and implemented campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. I then constructed a method for collecting and analyzing the social media metrics. Additionally, I designed the marketing campaign for a large technology conference we have coming up in a month, and I will make sure it is carried out effectively. I also work on updating the websites, designing newsletters, and assisting with events that HandsOn Tech puts on. I cannot explain how much my confidence in my own abilities has increased due to the independence and trust my team provides me with. I look forward to the opportunities the next three months will bring me in this position! 

This has been a very influential learning experience for me, because it has caused my mind set to shift to a new way of thinking. I've realized that work will never be work, if you are doing something that you are passionate about. Through this internship, I now know that it is necessary for me to have a job that is benefitting some part of the community. When I graduate from college, I am going to look for jobs where I can put my marketing skills to use for a company or nonprofit that supports a cause that I am passionate about. I am beyond thankful for the NPI program giving me this opportunity to find new and meaningful potential within myself. 

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