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 Jessica Sullivan

Thursday, Mar. 13, 2014

Can you imagine having your most important interview without any preparation or idea of what to expect?  No preparation or prior knowledge of interviewing could very well hurt your chances, regardless of your qualifications. I did not want the Washington Elementary students to have a difficult time or a trying experience as they began the interview process for private middle schools. To help the fifth graders prepare for their upcoming interviews, I assembled a group of experienced business students from SCU to teach interview and resume skills. We held the workshop in Washington Elementary's library on a Saturday morning this winter. We explained the purpose of the interview and what to expect from an interview process. We also reviewed interview etiquette, demonstrated interview role plays, and had the students practice answering interview questions. We spent a lot of time laughing with the Washington students, but they learned a lot from the exercises and are ready to apply what they have learned in their upcoming interviews. After reviewing interview skills, we helped the students write their own resumes to bring for their interviews. We are looking forward to hearing how their interviews go!


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