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 NPI Fellows

The NPI Fellows are students who participate in an internship with our NPI community partners. There are a total of five internships that are offered each quarter. These are the testimonies of students who have interned.


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Sean Roe, '15 (San Jose Councilmember Sam Liccardo's Office)

Major/Minor(s): OMIS and Spanish/International Business
Hometown: Mill Creek, WA
Interests/Hobbies: hiking, guitar, piano, geography, aviation, church ministry

How I came to get involved with NPI and what I'm learning (or hope to learn):
I'm learning how to partner will small business within San Jose's 3rd Legislative District and promote economic development. I currently work for Councilman Sam Liccardo and have been truly amazed by the power of city government in regards to making neighborhoods stronger.

My first encounters with NPI were at a carniceria called Yolanda’s in District 3. I played the unique role of focusing on financials and modernizing a point of sale (POS) system in the store while using my Spanish language to communicate more effectively with the primarily Latino, Spanish-speaking clientele. 

My work at Yolanda’s continues today, mainly as a result of what I learned through my experiences there. I realized that I committed to a neighbor, a community member, and more importantly, a family member of this larger global family, that I would see the project through until its completion. It’s a project that will “take as long as it takes.” NPI has taught me to stay true to my word, see projects through until the end, and most importantly, to seek justice for those we serve. It was a humbling experience and I know I will continue to focus my efforts in this area of San Jose through Sam Liccardo’s office.


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