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The NPI Fellows are students who participate in an internship with our NPI community partners. There are a total of five internships that are offered each quarter. These are the testimonies of students who have interned.


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Peter Thai, '15 (CET Industrial Relations)

2014 NPI Fellow
Major/Minor(s): Accounting/Economics
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Interests/hobbies: running, basketball, TV shows, outdoor activities, electronic dance music.

Give a brief summary of your responsibilities/tasks in the internship:
My responsibility in the internship was assisting my supervisor with anything that the department could use help with ranging from simple tasks of organizing files and folders to making calls to CET alumni about their job status, and conducting job verifications. The highlighting tasks that I had were interacting with students and providing tips on how to answer interview questions in a effective manner. I also advised and critiqued students and assisted them in resume building and cover letter writing.

How do you think you made positive contributions to the department/organization?
I thought that the organization itself did a great job in the department I was working in. For positive contributions, I helped bring my ideas in terms of what method effectively presented information to these students. I thought that because most of them were underprivileged and carried themselves not as confidently, treating them as adults when teaching them was really effective.

In what ways did this experience enhance or connect to what you are learning in your LSB courses?
I would say my experience enhanced more about what LSB prepares us for as future professionals in the business world. In terms of communication, you can never really stop learning and improving oneself as you only get better over time. I also believe my skills in resume writing and answering interview questions have improved for a broader range of jobs since I discovered that different jobs focused more on looking at different skills in one’s resume.

What was the most beneficial aspect of this experience for you?
Although redundant, the most beneficial aspect of this experience was interacting with these students that impacted me in terms of understanding the minds and experiences of the CET students. I would definitely say my passion for helping the community has rekindled and working with such great supervisors, I was definitely inspired as well.

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