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MA-IDE new emphasis areas: Learning with Technology and International Education

Technology and Education

The Department of Education at Santa Clara University is pleased to present the two new emphasis areas within the Master of Arts degree program in Interdisciplinary Education: Learning with Technology and International Education. The emphasis areas are designed to serve the needs of both non-practicing and practicing educators. The program consists of graduate level courses for parents, professionals, volunteers, or staff who live and work in and around education in private life or in corporations, foundations, non-governmental organizations, start-up companies, community organizations, and other areas, as well as teachers and administrators interested in other aspects of education that will complement their professional practice. Taking into account the variety of needs and circumstances among the intended audience for this program, the following features distinguish this offering.

  • Year-round admissions
  • Students may enroll as “non-degree” to take up to 3 courses, part-time (1-2 courses per quarter) or full time (3 courses per quarter).
  • Courses are held at the SCU campus in the evenings, on weekends, and in hybrid mode (classroom & online)
  • Courses can be taken in any sequence
  • The Master of Arts (MA) degree requires 15 courses (45 quarter units) and includes the completion of an ePortfolio culminating experience.
  • Students complete a core set of 10 courses complemented by electives selected with help from an academic advisor.
  • Courses start in Fall 2013.

MA-IDE program details here >>

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