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Welcome to the FrugalBlog

Welcome to the FrugalBlog, Connor O’Brien’s tri-weekly compendium on frugal innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and social justice. Please send comments, criticism or ideas to

Hello! And welcome to the first ever Frugal Innovation Lab (FIL) at Santa Clara University blog post! Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are sponsored by the Santa Clara School of Engineering with the mission to use frugal innovation to develop accessible, affordable and adaptable technologies, products and solutions for emerging markets.
A Porpoise Intermission:The Porpoise
This blog is meant to be an informative, collaborative and fun space to taut the achievements of our amazing students, provide a centralized location for information on Frugal Lab’s various events, speakers, courses and projects and promote our version of frugal innovation that is strongly tied to social justice. But, Frugal Innovation Lab isn’t just about students doing “good,” it is a holistic approach that is at the intersection of altruism and the bottom line.
New Music Interlude: A Hiatus in Helsinki
So, we invite you to come check us out! We’ll be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm with our main focus areas of Clean Water, Global Public Health and Renewable Energy driving the content of the day.
We look forward to interacting with you in the future!
The Frugal Lab Team

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