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Partnership with Cisco for Mobile Social Entrepreneurship

Good afternoon Frugalites!

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Another bit of news about the Frugal Innovation Lab making some moves. As you may or may not know, the Frugal Innovation Lab, in partnership with the Santa Clara University's Center for Science, Technology, and Society, has been in talks with Cisco Systems, Inc—you know, that tiny little startup in San Jose—and nearly 30 other international groups, to agree to move forward with a grant to produce a cloud-based mobile solution to help educate social entrepreneurs.

Ten, Hut!: The Social Entrepreneur's Playbook

The end-goal will include a 5-week webinar course run by our very own Radha Basu  to educate and engage social entrepreneurs on how to create a mobile application to meet their various potential solutions.  

The webinar series will be available starting in October, run through next March, and is available exclusively for social entrepreneurs who are Santa Clara Alumni. This is our first testing phase, so we hope to roll it out to the general population next year.

If you are interested in applying, go here: GSBI Application

We are very excited about this partnership, and hope you take interest. Check back here regularly for updates.


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