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Our Dynamic Poverty Heat Map is Going Global!

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Happy Monday Frugalites!
Who likes data visualization? I know I do, and if you don’t, you should. Why, you may ask? Well, in the words of my good buddy (not really) John W. Tukey, “The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.” That is, at its heart, the promise and purpose of data visualization.
Here are some classic examples of great data visualization, and also a more contemporary infographics highlighting browser adoption in the early 21st century. Enjoy!
Audiophile Music Advisory: Panama Wedding, "All of the People"
Speaking of great data visualization, last year three of our students (Jasmine Farias, Kurt Jurgens and Jonathan Ahumada)  got together to create a Dynamic Poverty Heat Map web application with the goal to assist analysts at the Fundacion Paraguya to better understand their vast amounts of data. By visually representing their data on our heat map, analysts will be able to better understand and utilize various metrics indicating poverty in Paraguay and ultimately reduce it nationwide.
A more detailed explanation on how it works can be found here.
Sleep-Dancing Kittens: #AWWW
And, just last week, the Fundacion Paraguaya officially launched our heat map and it is now being used to help combat poverty! So far the response has been great and we are currently in talks with other governments in Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Indonesia to replicate this heat map for their anti-poverty initiatives! Great work, team!
Thanks again for reading, and as always comments, complaints, tips and suggestions can be sent to
Happy Monday,
The Frugal Lab Team



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