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Olympic Athletes and Social Issues

Wednesday, Jun. 13, 2012

With the London Olympics fast approaching, Matt Savage, whose blog Savage on Sports deals with ethical issues in athletics, comments on athletes who have used  their position to speak out on social issues. 

Savage, an SCU senior who is just finishing a stint as a Hackworth Fellow at the Ethics Center, reflects on Tommie Smith and John Carlos, US medalists famous now for raising  their fists on the podium while the National Anthem rang in the background.  Smith and Carlos were protesting the treatment of African Americans.

He also discusses Cathy Freeman, an Australian Aboriginal native, who carried both the Australian and Aboriginal flags for her victory lap after winning the gold medal in the 400 meter. 

Savage asks whether it is the duty of athletes to use their prominence as a platform to raise important social issues.

Tags: sports ethics