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New LinkedIn Group on Startup Ethics

Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013

Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma in a startup environment? Or, are you considering a new entrepreneurial business venture? We have a new LinkedIn Group for you! "The Ethical Startup" is an interactive Group launched this fall comprised of entrepreneurs, funders, and their colleagues, dedicated to identifying and developing best practices in entrepreneurship.

Here's how it works: During this 7-week project, ethical dilemmas will be posted each Monday, with group discussion and a call for comments. Participants are asked to share their knowledge  and/or personal experience with these issues, with top contributors being honored online. After the project, the Ethics Center will use your feedback as the foundation for a definitive guide to startup ethics. Links to the group and each week's discussion will also be shared on The Ethic Center's Facebook and Twitter profiles in order to expand the online community members and outreach.

Sample weekly topics for discussion include Board, Investor, and Customer Relations, Hiring Your First Employees, Organizing Your Team, Family Considerations, When to Quite and/or Cash In, and more.

The project leads are Kirk O. Hanson, Executive Director of The Markkula Center, and Patrick Coutermarsh, the Center's first Fellow in Applied Ethics and a recent graduate of Santa Clara University.