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Monday, Mar. 31, 2014

On Wednesday, April 9, the Santa Clara University is hosting its second annual “Sprinksgiving,” a student-centered event designed to raise awareness about how philanthropy benefits the entire University.  Sprinksgiving is about giving thanks for donations from alumni and friends that provide critical support for the SCU student experience, from scholarships and immersion trips to new buildings and operating budgets.

Student interns, fellows, and workers from the Ethics Center will be there too, taking a moment to say “thanks” for the opportunities they have had because of our generous donors.  Contributors to the Ethics Center have supported Health Care Ethics Interns, Environmental Fellows, Hackworth Fellows, Honzel Fellows, and provided students with meaningful work. With donor support, we have launched new initiatives in each of our program areas, such as the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Business Ethics, Newsworthy in our Character Education program, and the Conscience Project in Campus Ethics.   Grateful, too, are the thousands of students, in our region and across the globe, who have benefited from this work.  

Anna Kozas '09 was a health care ethics intern, went on to hold the Honzel Fellowship in Health Care Ethics, and is now the bioethics program assistant at the Center.  "Being a part of the Health Care Ethics Internship made a huge impact on my life," she said.  "It played a role in my own career discernment and was a major part of who I am today."

Patrick Coutermarsh '13, a former Hackworth Fellow, initated the Center's participation in the national Ethics Bowl program.  Currently, he serves as a fellow in applied ethics.  "My time with the Markkula Center, as both a student and Fellow, has been a truly transformative experience," he said. "I am deeply grateful to those that support the Markkula Center and allow it to be the special place that it is."