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Markkula Prizes Awarded

Tuesday, Jun. 17, 2014

Each year, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics awards the Markkula Prize to a Santa Clara University senior who has done outstanding work in applied ethics. Established by the Advisory Board of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics in honor of A. C. "Mike" Markkula Jr.'s leadership as chairman of the board, this award is given annually to a student in recognition of outstanding work in applied ethics.  This year, the Center awarded two Markkula Prizes:

Jillian Gerrity (pictured with Advisory Board Member Kristi Markkula Bowers and Center Executive Director Kirk Hanson) is graduating with a double major in Biology and Public Health. Building on her experience as a Health Care Ethics Intern last year, Jillian served as an invaluable member of the bioethics team as the Honzel Fellow in Health Care Ethics. In addition to serving as a peer mentor to the current interns, Jillian played a pivotal role in piloting a new clinical placement, assisted with recruitment, worked on our social networking sites, and researched ways for the bioethics and health care ethics programs to become better integrated with the larger Santa Clara community.

Jillian also strengthened our ties with alumni and gathered stories of former interns to publish on the web and was responsible for all the communications, editing, and “publishing” of these write-ups. She also was of great help in editing a video of one former intern and without her the project could not have been completed. And now at the end of the year, Jillian is even helping in the planning of next year’s internship program. In addition to all her responsibilities at the Center, Jillian has also been working in a Santa Clara biology research lab.

This summer, Jillian was selected to participate in the Pre-Health Undergraduate Program at UCSF and next year, will be managing Dr. Hess’s biology lab as she begins the process of applying to medical school.

Allie Sibole, (pictured with Advisory Board Member Kristi Markkula Bowers and Center Executive Director Kirk Hanson) bioengineering major and 2013-14 Environmental Ethics Fellow at the Markkula Center, is from Eugene, Oregon. As an Environmental Ethics Fellow last year, Allie did groundbreaking original research on the ethical issues involved in designing the Solar Decathlon 2013 Radiant House. Allie practically wrote a book on the ethics of the Solar Decathlon competition, including critiquing the judging categories themselves. Last month she attended the first annual IEEE Engineering Ethics Symposium in Chicago and shared some of her research on the ethics of the building materials used in the Solar Decathlon House. More than once she was asked, “So, what do you teach?” to which she responded that she was an undergrad.

She’s has already started an intensive year-long Master’s program in bioengineering at Johns Hopkins University, and no doubt will do very well in her future endeavors. Allie is also the recipient of the University's 2014 St. Clare Medal, which is "given to the female graduate judged outstanding in academic performance, personal character, school activities, and constructive contribution to the University."