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An Ethics Guide for Freshman

Friday, Aug. 27, 2010

Another person on my dorm floor has put up a poster on her door that I find extremely offensive.  What should I do?  My professor shoots down everyone who has a different idea than he does.  Is this fair?  My roommate hardly ever eats and she's so thin I'm worried about her.

These and other typical ethical dilemmas for undergraduates will be the topic of the PBS program Forum today, featuring Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson. 

The Center has been developing a set of scenarios that illustrate the kinds of moral quandaries students often confront.  Center students workers and staff collected ethical dilemmas from undergraduates across the country and synthesized them into 30 cases. 

Some of these have already appeared on the Center Web site:

My Poster; My Identity
My Homework or Our Homework?
What Will Sex Mean?

The entire set is being developed as a possible book or Web site.

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