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THE GOOD NEWS: Wells Fargo Initiates Proactive Ethics Review

Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013

Wells Fargo & Co. announced that it will be conducting a 2-year internal ethics review, set to start January 1st. The review will be conducted by the newly formed Ethics Program Office, along with deputy counsel, Christine Meuers. The review will examine business conduct guidelines for Well Fargo's 80+ business lines, in regards to issues such as conflict of interest, gift giving, and insider trading. 

"[The review] is a self-initiated effort that builds on our strong track record of ethics and integrity to assess our current approach and make recommendations for continuous improvement." Mary Eshet, Wells Fargo spokeswoman

We're delighted to see Wells Fargo taking proactive steps to create a strong ethical culture, along with preventing unlawful behavior. Check out the news story and Wells Fargo's Code of Ethics below!

Well Fargo Plans Ethics Review Amid Bank Scrutiny (Bloomberg)

Wells Fargo Team Member Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (Wells Fargo)

A Framework for Thinking Ethically (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics)



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