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THE GOOD NEWS: McDonald's Announces 2020 CSR Plans

Thursday, May. 1, 2014
Source: CA Maylasia (Flickr)
Source: CA Maylasia (Flickr)

Wednesday, McDonald's released its first ever "Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Framework" to guide the company through 2020. The Framework was developed through collaboration with suppliers, franchisees, customers, and sustainability experts. 

Aspirational Goals:

  • Supporting sustainable beef production by collaborating to develop global principles and criteria, and committing to begin purchasing a portion of beef from verified sustainable sources in 2016
  • Sourcing 100 percent of coffee, palm oil and fish that is verified to support sustainable production
  • Procuring 100 percent of fiber-based packaging from certified or recycled sources
  • Serving 100 percent more fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy or whole grains in nine of its top markets
  • Increasing in-restaurant recycling to 50 percent and minimizing waste in nine of its top markets
  • Increasing energy efficiency in company-owned restaurants by 20 percent in seven of its top markets

"We're on our way to mainstream sustainability ... making it part of our everyday business life and the lives of our customers," Bob Langert, VP of CSR and Sustainability.

2020 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Plans (McDonald's)

A Framework for Ethical Thinking (Markkula Center)


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