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Proposed Education Cuts Spark Protests

Tuesday, May. 10, 2011

California teachers have declared a “State of Emergency,” marching on the state capitol to lobby for a tax extension to preserve school funding.

Although the rally drew some 1,000 teachers and their supporters, only sixty-five people were arrested when they refused to leave the Capitol rotunda after the building closed for the day.

College students and parents, also concerned about the proposed cuts to education, joined the teachers. Many expressed frustration that “corporate greed and politics” have made educators the “scapegoats” in the current wave of criticism of public employee salaries and benefits.

According to California Teachers Association president David A. Sanchez, “It’s not right that the rich and big businesses don’t pay their fair share of taxes.”

Protesting with signs like “Tax the rich” is not as effective as face-to-face meetings with legislators from both parties. It is easier to ignore a noisy crowd outside your building than it is to ignore a constituent in your office. Especially when just last week the country celebrated “National Teachers Appreciation Week.”

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