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How Important Is The "Final Stretch" In A Campaign?

Tuesday, Sep. 28, 2010

Voters are hearing the commercials, viewing the tv spots, and finding mailboxes filled to the brim with brochures. We're only weeks away from the November election.

But how important is this "final stretch" in the outcome?

Stuart Rothenberg says all the last-minute frenzy may make it even more difficult for voters to decide which way to vote.

The increase in popularity of absentee ballots means many individuals have already cast their ballots and have moved on with their lives.

The low approval ratings for both incumbents and the government in general is a reflection of the frustration and apathy felt at virtually all levels of government.

Even political junkies, policy wonks, and media observers like me are at the point of saturation.

Today's campaigns feel endless - and like the plot in the movie "Groundhog Day," each day becomes more frustrating than the last.

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