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Should There Be More Laws Regulating Lobbyists?

Monday, Oct. 4, 2010

Too many bills introduced by legislators are written by lobbyists, according to Robert Bentley, candidate for governor in Alabama.

"That's the most discouraging part of being in the Legislature, to see the control that lobbyists have."

Bentley's opponent in the race, Ron Sparks, agrees lobbyists are powerful, and says that if he becomes governor no one on his staff would be allowed to take so much as a cup of coffee from a lobbyist.

Alabama, like many states, requires registration of lobbyists. The numbers help tell the story of the influence they have: there are 650 registered lobbyists compared to 140 senators and house members.

While lobbyists serve a role in federal, state, and local government, their impact should not be greater than that of the public or their lawmakers.


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