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Restoring Public Trust In Detroit

Monday, Nov. 8, 2010

I am generally an optimist, but I will admit that when Detroit was hit with multiple scandals over the past few years, I couldn't imagine how the city would overcome the culture of corruption.

My faith is somewhat restored, now that the Detroit Charter Revision Commission  has met in the first of a series of daylong meetings. The group of 100 or so residents met to "help the panel determine how the city's government and its functions will be structured under the new charter."

In a large group, then in smaller discussion groups, the participants focused on the theme "Structure, Relationships and Alllocation of Power Between Government Officials."

The Charter Commission was elected last November, and has held 25 meetings to date. The goal of the commission is to draft a final city charter  to be put on the ballot in May 2012.

City council districts, ethics, and appointments to the ethics board are among the speciics that will be written into the document.

The commission's chair said she wasn't discouraged by the number of people who attended. I would re-phrase that to say I was encouraged with the turnout, and look forward to following the progress of the commission over the coming months.

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