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The Ethics Of Downsizing Detroit

Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010

Detroit is shrinking. So is Cleveland and many other cities in the areas hardest hit by the changing economy.

What's a mayor to do? In the cases cited above, the answer is to shrink. Shrink city services by shrinking certain parts of the city.

For neighborhoods in decay -- those with more vacancies than residents--it doesn't make economic sense to continue to stretch municipal workers to cover sparsely populated areas.

But the families who have decided to stay, even if they are the only ones left on the block, have rights that need to be considered.

This dilemma is balancing the needs of a few with the needs of many, and doing so with less money. Cities may be shrinking, but so are their budgets. It's important for public officials, urban planners, the business community, and residents to work together to prioritize needs and work cooperatively to keep our cities alive.

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