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City Hall Experience Will Help Connecticut's New Governor

Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010

When Dannel Malloy was elected mayor of Stamford, Connecticut in 1995, the first thing he had to do was explain his name was not Daniel.

When he is sworn in as governor, the first thing he will have to do is try to fix the state budget. This will be the more difficult task, but his 14 years as mayor have given him the kind of experience that is needed to effect change.

I met Dan when we both attended  a seminar for newly elected mayors sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

He was bright, eager to learn, and unafraid of the task ahead. During his tenure he was very involved with the USCM and was tireless in his efforts to promote economic growth, improve public schools, and restore confidence in government.

At a March 2009 forum he quipped "If you want to reform property taxes, you might want to elect a mayor." And in a very tight race that was only recently certified, the voters of Connecticut did just that. They chose someone who knows the needs of the people.

He has pledged to clean things up in Hartford, and to make government more transparent. I congratulate him on his victory, and hope we find more former mayors among our nations governors.

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