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Ethics Reform In Philadelphia

Friday, Jan. 28, 2011


When it was founded, Philadelphia was called the City of Brotherly Love.  William Penn chose the name from a translation of the Greek phrase philos (love) and adelpos (brother).
In more recent times, that nickname has come to describe a pattern of nepotism that has destroyed trust in government and cost the city millions of dollars. The good news is that the pay-to-play scandals have prompted long-overdue ethics reform.
Mayor Michael Nutter has just signed executive orders that fulfill his 2007 campaign promise to “clean up” the culture of corruption at city hall. Although the stricter policies apply to nine out of 10 employees, they do not apply to the city council, controller’s office, “or the city row offices comprising hundreds of employees.”
With more than 23,000 employees, the ethics commission has more to do now that sexual harassment, restrictions on outside employment, and other reforms have been adopted. The councilmembers  should follow the mayor’s lead and make ethics a priority for Philadelphia – and start with applying the rules to their own offices.


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