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Note To Legislators: Quality Trumps Quantity When Introducing Bills

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011


Friday marks the deadline for introduction of bills in the California legislature. There is likely to be a stampede, as both freshman and veteran lawmakers try to make their mark by introducing bills. A review of laws passed in 2010 shows an interesting variety of subjects elected officials brought to the floor – the 65-page list is available online.
Among the expected, you’ll find education, veteran’s affairs, economic development, affordable housing, energy, and foster care. Predictably, there are numerous bills related to horse racing and gaming.
Among the unexpected are bills dealing with electronic cigarettes, licensing of pedicabs, commercial blood banks for animals, and self-service storage facilities.The League of California Cities anticipates more than 2,000 bills will be up for discussion in this legislative session.
While some believe the more bills you introduce the better you are as a legislator, I would argue that it is quality, not quantity that better serves the public.


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